Summer 2014 Issue III

Summer set lip to earth’s bosom bare, And left the flushed print in a poppy there. - Francis Thompson

Saying So Long to Summer

As summer winds down and we look forward to cooler days and shorter evenings, we take comfort in more indoor pursuits. Whether you are winding up vacation plans or gearing up for back-to-school, Cupids has something for everyone to keep your spirits up. Visit us online or in any of our locations to discover something that will help carry summer’s heat well into the fall.

Just Peachy

As if summer’s bounty of fruit isn’t enough to make your mouth water, fruit distributors in China have begun putting peaches in panties. To celebrate the Qixi Festival, a holiday similar to Valentine’s Day in China, the vendors placed sweet nothings on the delectable produce so sweethearts could lavish each other with bountiful booties. Word is a box of nine sells for $80.

The Qixi Festival celebrates the annual meeting of the cow herder and weaver girl in Chinese mythology. It falls on the seventh day of the seventh month on the Chinese calendar, which is why it is sometimes called the Double Seventh Festival, the Chinese Valentine's Day or the Magpie Festival.

An important event, especially for young girls, the Qixi Festival originated from the romantic legend of two lovers, Zhinü and Niulang, who were the weaver maid and the cow herder, respectively. The earliest known reference to this famous myth dates back to more than 2600 years ago, which was told in a poem from the Classic of Poetry.

Peachy Keen

If you crave the sweet scent of peaches with a little more staying power, try the Heart-tin Suntouched Hemp Edible Candle in Peach.

All Buckled Up

Determined and wanton doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t also be soft and luscious. This corset in peach and black tones with satin ribbon and side buckles is both bold and beguiling. Complete the outfit with fishnet stockings and fingerless gloves, and you will learn just how wicked winsome can be.

Health Benefits of Sex for Men

Sex isn’t just fun and an excellent way to share intimacy with your partner. It’s also good for your body. Our friends at Lelo, the world’s leading designer brand for intimate lifestyle products, talks about the health benefits sex can provide men. We carry a broad array of Lelo’s products at Cupids so you can put into practice some of the tips below.

Who knew that being “friends with benefits” came with health benefits, too? We’ve written quite a bit about how orgasms are good for your health and how intimacy can keep you healthy, but today’s article is for the guys – or rather, the health benefits they can expect from having sex with the one who’s closest to them.

The following male health benefits will give him all the more reasons to look forward to your next romp – as if he needed more reasons.

Keep Your Dude in a Better Mood

If he’s feeling down after his football team blows it again, you’ll know just the thing to bring his spirits back up; lovemaking releases feel-good endorphins that can lift his mood while taking his mind off any stresses that can be weighing on his mind, and the benefit is mutual.

Decreases Aches & Pains

Your orgasm can decrease pain from menstrual cramps, and his orgasm has the same effect, but without the menses. Headaches, sore muscles and back pain can be alleviated a little with sex, especially the oxytocin release that results from orgasm; 48 people inhaled oxytocin vapor before having their finger pricked in one study, and their pain threshold experienced an approximate 50 percent increase.

Better Zzzzzzs

That same blast of oxytocin that accompanies his orgasm is a natural sleep aid, and can help to regulate both of your slumber patterns. This goes a long way towards explaining why he is the first to doze off after doing it, and we all know how important a good night’s sleep is to our overall health.

The Importance of the Prostate

The National Cancer Institute found that an average of 21 ejaculations a month cuts the threat of prostate cancer by 33 percent, and while doubling that number won’t necessarily decrease the chances further, that’s no reason not to try.

Give his prostate some extra attention with prostate massage to make his climaxes even more intense – all the reason a guy needs to hear when you want to introduce a prostate-massaging vibrator to your foreplay.

A Tip-Top Ticker

According to some research, three or more sexual encounters per week help to reduce a man’s chances or a stroke or heart attack by half, which is a huge decrease for an all-too-common malady. Sex also can be a great cardio workout that can burn up to 200 calories during a 30-minute session.

While lovemaking and orgasms can do wonders for one’s overall health, it can be even more beneficial when it’s done in conjunction with healthy eating and regular exercises you can do for even better sex.

Lelo Billy

Welcome to the Club

Lelo’s Billy is a massager for those gentlemen who want to explore anal and prostate play. Known as the gentleman’s G-spot, the prostate is a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis, just in front of the rectum. The urethra runs through the center of the prostate, from the bladder to the penis, letting urine flow out of the body, and it secretes fluid that nourishes and protects sperm.

Benefiting from an ergonomic design tailored precisely to the male form, the Billy massager offers sustained control through five differing stimulation modes. Such versatility achieves breathtaking results, where vibrations may be kept mild during arousal before increasing to the levels that excite the user most. Whether enjoyed individually or with a partner, Billy is a highly discreet and satisfying companion, always primed to deliver the most intense and varied feelings of release.

As with all pleasure objects by Lelo, Billy is designed to offer total peace of mind in whatever situations arise. Made with FDA-approved and phthalate-free PC-ABS/ silicone, this massager delivers up to four hours of near-silent vibrations after just a two-hour charge. Speed and intensity are easily controllable via the intuitive interface dial while these functions are fully lockable to ensure discreet transportation at all times. Additionally, Billy comes presented in an elegant gift box and luxury satin pouch for appropriate storage, complete with charger, user manual and a full one-year warranty.

Pjur Backdoor Comfort Anal Glide

When Comfort is a Priority

Whether you are new to anal play or have enjoyed it for years, you’ll need a lubricant that’s body- and toy-safe.

Pjur Back Door Comfort Water Anal Glide is a water-based lubricant that feels almost like silicone. With a long lubricating effect, pjur’s anal glide boasts all the advantages of water. In fact, the formula of pjur Back Door Comfort Glide has been enriched with hyaluron, a remarkable ingredient capable of binding large quantities of water, which forms small water cushions. This supports the lubricating effect and increases it to an extraordinary degree.

When the Sun Goes Down ...

Make the most of this year’s longest days. Indulge in a fantasy. Wear something new. Treat yourself to a new toy. Surprise your partner. At Cupids, we have everything to fulfill these desires and more. Come see us.