July 2014 Issue

Independence Day Independence Day
Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all's right with the world. - Ada Louise Huxtable

Long, Hot Summer

July in America is a celebration of all things freedom. In that spirit, set yourself free and find just what your heart – and body – desires. Try a toy or lounge in new lingerie. You can even invite someone over for a naughty movie night to see just where the next step leads. Need a little inspiration? We have it for you at Cupids.

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Muse Massager

Find Your Muse

Often called the most exciting toy of the year, the Rechargeable Muse from NS Novelties is a must for every woman. Used as a clitoral stimulant, the powerful vibrations course through the ears of this one-of-a-kind intimate massager, which delivers stimulation to both sides of the clitoris simultaneously. Add the cuteness factor of the LED lights that create the wonderful expressions, this rechargeable, waterproof, silicone vibe is guaranteed to put a smile on very face. In fact, Cupids’ customers give it five stars!

The Muse has seven functions (escalates, pulsates, vibrates, lights up, has multi-speeds and vibrations, and a combination of all these), is made with body-safe silicone and ABS plastic, is waterproof and rechargeable. Want to know more? Watch the video!

Read All About It

For the smart lover who demands more insightful advice in seduction, this guide is packed full of tips to suit every mood. Ranging from naughty and kinky to romantic and passionate, this fabulous guide will tell you everything you need to keep your sex life sizzling forever.

Over 100 Truly Astonishing Sex Tips
Dual Locking Suction Handles

Wet and Wild

The bedroom isn’t the only place you can sample some sexy escapades. The shower can be a fun, intimate and unique way to heat up your sex life while you clean off your body. To help, try this dual locking suction handle from the Sex in the Shower collection. It will make sex in the shower easier and safer than ever with a large handle with two lock-down suction areas to achieve that perfect, classic position and add instant leverage and achieve perfect positions in your showers or bath.

[DVD] Blue Heat

Brilliant sexual visuals punctuate Blue Movie, shot by the critically-acclaimed director Michael Zen. Starring this decade`s hottest performer, Jenna Jameson, Blue Movie features Steven St. Croix as a cross-dressing porn director who`s obsessed with learning the secrets of female sensuality. Along the way, he witnesses a barrage of volcanic sexual encounters featuring Rebecca Lord, Tera Heart and Lana Sands.

Trending on Twitter: Twitchy Turn-Ons

The internet is overflowing with information of every sort, and we at Cupids try to keep up with some of the more interesting tidbits we run across. This article by Nicole Weaver from YourTango.com outlines some strange things that turn people on. Have something we should add? Tweet us @shopcupids!

Sweat, avocados, reading. According to science, people get turned on by some pretty bizarre things. It seems like every week there's a new study out claiming to boost your libido. Some of them make sense, but a lot of them are flat out bizarre. We rounded up 10 of the strangest sex boosters, in case you were looking for a new way to get in the mood.

Watching a Boring TV Show
A recent study found that people who have a television in their bedroom have twice as much sex as those who don't. Of course some of is this is due to dirty movies, with 37 percent of partners admitting to this guilty pleasure. However, 29 percent said being in the middle of a boring show would lead to sex in order to get some real entertainment.

Getting a Raise
In International Journal of Manpower a study took 6,317 responses from men and women in Greece on how often they had sex during the week. They then looked at how much they were earning. Turns out people who earned 5 percent more than others were also having sex four or more times a week. Knowing you don't have to worry about bills being paid sure gives you more free time for other activities.

Planning an Adrenaline-Rushing Date
Turn date night into a libido-booster. Stray away from the average movie and dinner date night by planning something that will get your heart pumping with excitement and some fear in order to get some action afterwards. A study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior found that more exciting activities, like zip-lining or surfing, will boost your nervous system and heartbeat into a way that it would be if you were sexually aroused.

Skipping Perfume Or Cologne For These Specific Scents.
A British survey says women like their men to smell like petrol, paint, printer ink or leather. May want to fill up the car before your next date. Women on the other hand, were more attractive when they smelled like lipstick, baby lotion or a roast dinner. Yes, a roast dinner.

Eating Avocados
It's that time of year where you see avocados popping up everywhere, and now you have a good reason to take advantage of it. Turns out they have an aphrodisiac affect that will make your salad better, but your sex life, too.

Wearing Red
If you want to seduce a man then it's time to find your own version of Jessica Rabbit's dress. A study found that men rated ladies who wore red as more attractive and sexier.

Drinking Red Wine
This will definitely be tough for white wine drinkers, but it turns out, red is also a libido-booster when it comes to wine. A study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine found that ladies who drink red have higher sex drives than ladies who prefer any other alcoholic beverage. Got that? Wear red, drink red.

Break away from visual erotica by cracking open a book. Dr. Susan Kellogg, a medical sexologist suggests bibliotherapy, which promotes sexual behavior through reading explains, "There's some research out there that suggests that fantasizing increases pro-sexual chemicals such as dopamine and testosterone, so bibliotherapy can be a powerful tool on multiple levels for a woman who is experiencing low sex drive."

It's gross, but true. Women are aroused by their men's sweat. The scent of it actually increases a women's level of cortisol, the stress hormone, according to a study found in The Journal of Neuroscience.

Looking At A Picture Of Your Significant Other
It sounds so simple, but it's effective, says science. A study found that looking at a picture of your lover for 30 seconds or longer will make your brain produce dopamine and then boost your libido. How easy is that?

Read more: http://www.yourtango.com/2014219543/smell-like-paint-guys-10-strange-things-can-boost-your-sex-life#ixzz36ufBvxoj

The Rocket’s Red Glare

Celebrate the long, hot days with long, hot nights. Visit us at Cupids, and we’ll show you how.